hello-laney (hello_laney) wrote,

To Thee Random Journal Guy,

Tell me more about yourself, your hobbies, interests, ect.

I'll share a bit of myself with everyone out there in LJ Land.

I was born 2 weeks late and with a club foot, I had lots of opperations when I was little. I only hung out with boys at recess time in grade school, because I thought playing with dolls was dumb. I actually liked Polly Pocket a lot though. I discovered punk rock in the 7th grade and have been in love ever since. I was president of the only Gay-Straight Alliance north of Madison when I was a junior and senior. I love the movie Beaches, and I always cry during the sun setting on the beach scene. My father is jewish, my mother was raised catholic but is now a unitarian.

Right now I am going to school for history and someday I hope to do research about slave culture in the deep south while writing books. I am diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis and I spent most of July in the psych. hospital; once because I was hearing things with a great intensity and secondly because I did something really stupid. I live in a house with no windows and I love it! My favorite book is Roots and my favorite band is Crass. I go to sleep laying on my side but I wake up on my back. I have 50+ pairs of shoes and 13 piercings. My hair is mostly dreaded and I died it an awesome dark red color, my bangs are purple. My favorite color is blue. I enjoy domestic work like sewing and knitting. Evry peice of art that I make has some sort of writing on it, maybe poetry, maybe random train of thought type stuff. I don't eat meat but I don't really like veggies all that much either.
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