hello-laney (hello_laney) wrote,

Kids, listen up. I'm in a bind. I like too many people all at once. And I'm talking now. Right now.

Point A. I'm in like with a friend who makes plans with me and then drops said plans for no apparent reason. I think he gets weird around girls.

Point B. I like a guy who has kind of the same thing that I do. But then it would be kind of weird to date him, since my best friend dated him, and blah blah blah.

Point C. I really like a guy who lives thousands of miles away. He tells me cute things, he's really hot, I want to hump him but he lives on the west coast. That sucks. Period.

Point D. Then there's the guy who you'll never get over, no matter how hard you try, he's always going to be your first choice. Yeah, I have one of those except it's ____________. Whom I've been in love with since 8th grade, still am. We were seeing each other a couple of summers ago but it didn't turn out like it wanted it to. Whatever...here at the camp Lane, we try not to pay attention to guy-you-can't-get-over because we know it just leads to heartache, pain, and "Performance Art" all over a couch.

Someone help and Point A. boy, you should get in touch with me pronto.
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